Legends of Eisenwald on Steam + new music and new prices.

Now you can pre-order “Legends of Eisenwald” on Steam! This version still doesn’t contain SFX, but there’s some new music in it! The portfolio now is supplemented with several new projects. The entire sound of these games is made by me – from the dramaturgy to creating music and sound…

Click Battle: звуковой постмортем.


Итак, мне в руки попала игра о поселении боевых магов, которому не повезло оказаться на пути викингов. По сюжету варвары противостоят гламурным интеллектуалам – это и хотелось отразить в озвучке. Так получились два вполне отличающихся друг от друга трека для меню и геймплея. Насчёт менюшного пришлось много думать – выглядит…

Вся правда об озвучке Nelly 2 (эпизод 1)

Эта история – о девочке, затерявшейся между мирами. Реальность, в которую она попадает, опасна и странновата, во многом похожа на миры Хаяо Миядзаки – добрые и опасные одновременно. Однако, если у Миядзаки герой обычно знает о мире гораздо больше зрителя и фактически неуязвим, в истории о Нелли всё наоборот. Развязки…

Portfolio: new look & OST Yummy Nuts!

Now the portfolio page looks different – each project has its picture due to Soundcloud “artwork” players. I’ve recently released the soundtrack for Yummy Nuts and you can listen to it right here!

Winter news: FlashGAMM & Jewelanche 2

Hey, I’ve recently returned from FlashGAMM game conference (which was a great fun, really!) and found Jewelanche 2 released. The OST for this game is one of my favourite works, and now I want to share it with you!

Recent news

Despite the fact that for a long time I have not published any news here, work on new projects is in full swing! I currently work as outsourcer for Ahuraster Studio and Archibaldi Studio, we’re scoring casual games. One of the games (Portals) was recently released, it’s a flash game…

Eisenwald is waiting for you!

Independent game studio Aterdux Entertainment announced its new project Legends of Eisenwald – a role playing game with elements of strategy and turn based tactical battles. I am the author of the OST for this game.